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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Wendy Reed

HOLY TOLEDO!!!! It looks incredibly beautiful!!!

chris jenkins

Amy! I am so so sorry to hear about the monumentous trial you had in getting to NIagara Falls! The crazy thing is when the DH and I went to New York it was an event also. The subways are way crazy and the constant construction going on right now makes it next to impossible for a "foreigner" to figure out the re-routing. Gorgeous gorgeous shots! I am sure despite all the trials though you and Haley will remember this trip always and the experience you had together as mother/daughter.

take care and hugs!

Wendy Malichio

SUPER photos! Love Niagara!


Yay! I am soooo glad you got to visit New York! As a fellow person who can only say they have spent hours there, isn't it worth it? I LOVE that city! Thanks for the props to me too...my only regret is that we didn't spend more time chatting at my house, instead of listening to the stupid sprinklers! Glad you are home. :)


WOW your post is an awesome one. You made me feel good... there are a lot of nice people out there and we need to focus on the positive ones!!
Go you!!


Amy, I am still tickled to death that you overcame all those challenges and made a wonderful memory for you and Haley out of it all! I'm seriously PROUD of you! Welcome home!

Love, Sophia


Wow- what a story. How kind of you to list all the kind things that happened. Your photos are great!

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