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Sunday, October 08, 2006



I so understand. I only have one child and she's just turned 6. We tried for 8 yrs to have her, and finally when we gave up... i found out i was preg. She was born when I was 36. I'm not 41... too old for anymore. We tried from the time she was 6 months. It was hard parting with all her old baby stuff. Amazing how similar we (women) are huh? I miss the baby days, but I also enjoy my new freedom since she is in school.. although those first days were EXTREMEMLY difficult... Love on your baby all you can while he is still a baby!!!! =) {{{{hugs}}}}}.

jill s


i am pregnant right now with baby #2 and as we discuss the future of our family...we're thinking this could possibly be our last little baby...makes me sad already...to think about not being pregnant anymore...and to not hold our own newborn baby anymore...

just know you're not alone...i think it's in our souls as women...that craving to hold sweet little babies...


Norma K

This desire is actually a gift given to us women. It is very hard seeing our little onew grow. Looks like your doing a great job at enjoying every minute of it. By the way I luv the name Kaleb - especially with a K. Hugs, Norma (localocairis)

Liz Ness

I feel this, too (just went through my son's baby toys). How does this happen so quickly? I love that he is growing and who he is becoming, but I am missing who he was, too. This is so strange...motherhood.

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