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Friday, January 26, 2007


Heather Ales

WOW... I really loved reading all of those fun things about you. There are so many more things we have in common. Shades shirts rock! I have a bunch of them from Impel, but Shades are better. And those Old Navy T's ROCK my world.... I have them in long sleeve and short sleeve - all crew neck. I went through a goth stage too. I wonder what my YW leaders thought about that.

Kayci Bitton

That was fun! We have a lot more in common than I ever thought! Just so you know you and Becky were like my idols when I was little, it is fun to see how much we are alike. I wanted to go through a goth stage and I tried when I was like 12 but my mom got bugged at me and told me to stop. So I did:) Love you Amy!


Thi sis so neat to read, April Amy! Great post.

Karen Greenfield

Oh Amy--how I wish you lived near me!!! I am not sure we'd be the bestest of friends (though we have a lot of things in common)BUT you would have such a good time talking to/listening to my husband the English PhD!! Discussing books with him is so much fun ---and you could go to England with him instead of me!!! Seriously, I know that would never happen...but it would be fun to talk about. And you could hear all about the latest trip (2 weeks ago) and see all the theatre programs and start planning to go next January. Wanna move to Tacoma???

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