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Tuesday, December 02, 2008



Laundry, laundry, laundry is sooooo never ending. I have to hide my clothes that I don't want in the dryer because Andy likes to do laundry late at night while watching tv and he drys EVERYTHING. So I wait to do my little pile while I'm home and awake. Sometimes I forget and it gets put in the dryer. I hate when my clothes shrink, then it's too small. I hate to iron and will not do it, so the boys iron their own shirts. They need to learn how to do that anyway.


I lucked out: Shane loves to iron. Well, maybe he doesn't love it, but he loves when I don't do the ironing. It's what he does while I am at church. I think it is the perfect arrangement. Plus, I don't have to iron!

He is also much better than me at keeping up on laundry. He gets more done in 2 hours than I can do all day. I guess I'm too easily distracted. Maybe I have laundry ADD.

Great idea to have the bigs do their own folding! Smart girl.


I have to laugh, just this morning my 13 yo son wanted his new, American Eagle clothes, to go to school. Never mind the fact that in art they are making masks of themselves and the instructions were to come in messy clothes. He did not wear his new clothes, they weren't clean! They are part of the never ending piles of laundry three kids can generate. My front loader helps, but it just doesn't do all of the clothes at once, dry and fold them.

A tip for ironing, my dh needs a dress shirt every day, so I buy the wrinkle free ones from LL Bean or LandsEnd, I still iron, but it is much easier and faster.

Have a great day, I'm off to do 8 loads of laundry myself.

Chris Jenkins

i had to chuckle a bit because i think we are kindred spirits sometimes even when it comes to things like laundry. i too tend to leave stuff in the washer too long - i've learned that white vinegar gets rid of that musty smell. i also hate to iron so i don't do it - i make my husband do it. i wish i could have my kids fold their own clothes but i have this thing about how stuff should be folded (i guess it comes from years of folding jeans and shirts in perfect displays way back when i worked retail)


I have a friend (with five children, even) who only does laundry one day a week.

For me, it is an every morning chore, but folding is only once a week. Usually while watching either Grey's Anatomy or the Tudors.

jamie `

I have also been guilty of leaving the laundry too long. It's happening less and less the farther away I get from babies and no sleep. I leave them in the dryer more often than the washer these days. I used to hate to iron and Mark has mostly done his own ironing and I'm a big fan of the spray with water and shake method for most things or simply don't buy what will need to be ironed a lot. I have found in the last few years though if I let it pile up and put on a really good movie I don't really mind doing it all like that. THe boys each have about 4 shirts so I wait til there are no more hanging in the closet and then do it all at once.
I assume it's white vinegar...
how much in a load?
and is it just for odor removal that you use it?

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