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Saturday, February 27, 2010



I've had a few, precious few, moments like this. Thanks for writing this down and reminding me of them.


such a beautiful piece, thanks for sharing.


You have such an ability to funnel energy into your writing. I feel sad now. Not depressed, but I feel..well..maybe like you feel, though I haven't had that exact experience. That's some power there, Amy.

I hope that, overall, Disneyland was fun and the new time will give you fresh memories to enjoy.


I can see myself doing the same thing. I cannot experience one event (say, Christmas, or visiting a place we haven't been for a while) without simultaneously remembering the last time I visited/experienced that place. It is a tiny form of torture, I think, that we perform on ourselves. But torture that feels a little bit good, because of its quality of bittersweet. I hope that your new memories will mean just as much next time you visit.

Thanks for your texts; I wish I had been there with you!


One of the best you've ever written. Very cool.


I'm totally following you now, Amy! (Hooray for internet stalkers!!!) I do the same thing as Becky, torture myself with bittersweet memories. Especially around the holidays. Being with my family makes me so emotional and happy and moody and crabby and excited and sad.

And I love Disneyland.




I was there!

On Thursday!

I sat in those exact chairs.

How were we in Disneyland at the same time without knowing it?


Your writing is beautiful - thought provoking, vivid, necessary for me to read. Thank you.


You have such a talent for writing! I love reading these!

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