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Thursday, December 30, 2010



I haven't seen it yet! But my birthday is on Saturday, and I might be able to lay the "It's my birthday!" card and get someone to watch my kids so I CAN!!!

Jessica W

I love this series and am looking forward to seeing the movie tomorrow!

Becky K

I want to see this. I love the images of Christ that are in the books; I had forgotten about Eustace needing Aslan to change back into himself. I love Eustace and how he becomes the dragon. I love seeing the transformation, and wonder about my own dragonish tendencies. I can't wait to see this show!! Thanks for the review; I won't go into it with fear the way I do with so many shows that came from beloved books.

Kim D

Thank you for reminding me about this movie - I loved the first two and I want to see Dawn Treader. I just about read the print off the pages in my set of Narnia Chronicles. The books fell apart years ago, but I'm enjoying the stories again through the movies. I think the stories speak to each of us in the words we need to hear, and that's what makes them so special to me. Thanks again for reminding me.


"But it is Lucy's story that impacted me the most, probably because I have my own discontented Lucy-ish self inside, wanting (still) to be beautiful. Well, not only beautiful. In fact, it's not even about beauty anymore, really. Instead, it is the wanting to be successful, to feel that I have managed to become fully myself, that leaves me standing at the mirror now, looking. Wanting a spell to put things right." - Loved this bit!

I have not yet seen this. Am torn because Trevor is begging. I want to read them the stories first (not always the most practical goal), but the little boys are only 4 and 6. I tried to read the Narnia series to Bryce (when he was 6, I think) and he only lasted through one book. I know it will be hard to believe (since I transcribed so much of Lewis' writing for my job in college), but I have never read the Narnia series. Perhaps it will go on my 2011 book list.

Kasandra Mathieson

So happy to read this review! I loved this movie, especially 3D! It too brought back so many childhood memories, my brother and I loved these books and fought over them until we had read the whole series! The movie was so well done, even though I am always worried what they will have done. Thanks Amy...

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