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Saturday, January 01, 2011



Printer is chugging through the pages as I write, so I'm with you. TFS this idea with the file.
Took a friend of my son's to ED this afternoon after he slashed his thumb with a pruning saw, the cut received the grand total of ONE suture (and four steri-strips) - so I know what I'll write about today!

Monika Wright

long live the written word and our quirky handwriting. i have your sweet note sitting right here in front of my computer screen and i think your handwriting is lovely!


You make it sound so easy! I'm going to give it a shot (but I'll be approximately four days behind by the time I get it printed and what not).


I have used a small planner (5" by 7" maybe?) for this type of idea. It only has enough space for a few sentences, like you suggest. I've used it to record ordinary daily moments that I might otherwise forget as well as record when certain events took place (i.e. my daughter's first orchestra concert) on the monthly calendar page that begins each section of daily spaces. I've been very successful with this approach. Last year I bought a bigger planner thinking that more space would let me record more. Wrong! I just stopped using it. I think the larger amount of space made me feel like I needed to fill the space up and I just didn't feel like writing that much. This year I've gone back to my tried and true smaller planner approach. Thanks for reminding us of the need to record the every day.

Oh, one thing I did like about the larger size is that I was able to use it to keep things that I cut out from the paper, such as comics that "spoke" to me. I've always collected this type of thing but have just put them in a file. I liked being able to tape them to the day they "spoke" to me with a line or two about why that particular comics or whatever resonated with me. I need to figure out a way to incorporate this into my smaller planner.

Kasandra Mathieson

Love this idea... I try to journal on my lined paper and am always looking for it. I'm on board, love writing but don't always make time for it. Thanks Amy!


I was hoping you would do this again. I bottomed out in October and didn't write much the end of the year which I am kicking myself for now but I have more than I would have had last year if you hadn't had this idea and shared your template. I've already printed it and sent it to work with Carly to be bound today. Thank you for sharing your ideas.


I loved this challenge last year (started in July), though I was just TOO WORDY to make it work so I switched to my own creation: "Daily Doings." Closer to a daily journal entry but that's more than I've done for YEARS. I'm so grateful to have actually written for half a year and I have YOU to thank for it. I'm going to try your W.E.D. format again ... maybe I'll get the hang of distillation yet ... thank you for sharing your great ideas!

Erin K

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing the WED calender! Off to print...and bind.

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