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Thursday, May 05, 2011


Becky K

Minky is maddening - and yet I continue to use it. It's for all the reasons you stated, but mostly because it looks so nice.

Now I want to go and sew!


THat paisley is gorgeous.
I want to reach into the computer and touch it. It looks so soft.


That does look hard to work with! I used to make stuffed animals with fake fur, but it wasn't like that!


Thank-you for your words of advice. I, too am a quilter (little left of perfect) and I just used minky for the first time. It truly made me doubt my sewing skills. All of them. I like the idea of framing the minky as well as the tip on serging the edges... what a perfect excuse to get a serger, right? :)


I have to disagree with minky being difficult to work with. I just love it! It's the most fun fabric I've ever used. Then again, I'm a plush and pillow maker, not a quilter. But the ladies at the fabric store still look at me like I'm Iron Man when I tell them how much I love working with minky.


That's for your words of advice! I am a minky fool! I always forget how bad it is to work with until I am past the point of no return and then I spend a ridiculous amount of time struggling through a project. I must be a glutton for punishment because I have 3 quilts I am making for Christmas that I want to use minky for the backing. I must be crazy!!

Tiffany Montgomery

Thank you for this post! I have been searching in vain to find any posts where someone recommends framing the minky with cotton! I need to do this for a larger quilt for my son, and also figured it would minimize the frustration factor and bindong issues! This is what I needed, when you look up minky blankets, you never see this! Keep on sewing! :-)

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