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Sunday, June 26, 2011


Becky K

After running Ragnar, it made other races seem so strange. What? Everyone starts and stops at the same time? No intermittant cheering and stopping and starting? No team aspect to add to the fun? It changed me forever, and while I'll always sign up for races, none of them are Ragnar, which is kind of sad to me.

But yes, we will be cheering you on for your marathon! Maybe not in person, and I might not be waiting on the side of the road again, but I will in my heart.

I loved this post - it's awesome to see Ragnar from other perspectives. You were awesome and made our team great. Thanks for being with us.


You sisters are so inspiring! You and your sparkly tutus totally kick butt. You're amazing AND you looked cute. (And you're worried about being SLOW? Ha.)


Hey cute sparkly tutu girl! One of the benefits of leaving fb is I actually had time to READ your post, instead of the skimming I've been guilty of for a while. I loved reading about your experience. I love that you felt the joy of teamwork in a race. I also love that there are things you like about being a solitary runner. I'm so impressed that you did this, Amy!

You look awesome in the pics, btw! And you ARE strong.

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