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Monday, October 24, 2011



Amy- for hell sake! Stop being a chicken, and get cranking on one of those books that I know is already half written in your head. If Stephenie Meyer can sell her...never mind. You are not even in the same category.
You are a beautiful writer. You have a talent for taking complicated emotional life events and putting them into words. You have no idea how many times I have sat in front of my computer reading one of your posts, nodding my head and thinking to myself "Yes! That's it! Exactly how I feel..."
Stop with the self-doubt. Get writing.

heather hoyt

I love this post so very much. I love your writing too, so I'm cheering for you and always will.

Thank you for reading my blog post and linking to it. It makes me happy.

Marilynne Robinson is awesome. Back in college, I went to quite a few author events, and she was by far my favorite one. She signed my copy of Housekeeping.


Ditto what Shaunte said - you have a gift for expressing what everyone else feels ... you go for it. Besides, there are incredibly successful writers out there who started later in life (like you're all that far into "later" - HAH) ... and besides, who said it has to end at 40?! I'm so glad you go to meet (and sit quietly with) Marilynne Robinson. That had to be cool, whether you had profound conversational moments or not.


I think we ascribe too many lofty attributes to people who have succeded in doing something we also want to do, and we forget they are human. But you realized this in your drive, and acted human-ly with another human. That is great! Because what works/worked for her in getting published may not work for you.

Remember what you said when you wrote your marathon post: you can do things. You may make it big or you may not. But not trying doesn't get you anywhere, in writing, in running, in anything. Just one word after the other, Amy. You can do it.


Hee, I love what Shaunte said : )

I have writerly ambitions too, and I keep putting them off thinking next year when Bridget is in kindergarten... but the good thing is I KNOW I don't have a novel in me. But gosh I'd love to start writing for a magazine again, and I do have a number of picture books rolling around in my head...

You know how highly I think of your writing, at least I hope you do!! I've even made Matt read a few things you've written : )


i just want to say ditto!!! you sit and do it amy! nanowrimo is coming, maybe take that as an excuse to get the first draft out of the way?


I can totally relate to your post. Different career. Same fears. Thank you for voicing them.


I haven't accomplished most of my creative goals yet, but I had an epiphany about 8 years ago that if I didn't start my career, it wouldn't start. Turns out it was pretty inspired, since that career mostly supported our fam while Colby went back to school for four years. I'm waiting for my BIG PUSH TO THE NEXT LEVEL till Gretchen is in kindergarten (in 2 years!) I think I may have told you this before, but I read a self-help book that my self-help-book-addicted mom gave me and it really helped. If you can bring yourself to get over the embarrassment of the Self Help Genre (which admittedly took me about a year), read "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield and "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. They're both full of good advice. Sometimes you just need to think about the fact that it may just be possible. Self doubt is so paralyzing! It's stifling. Fear holds all of us back. Fear is the opposite of faith. I have faith in you! You're great!


Here's an idea to think about. Set a deadline for yourself (like the marathon) and then use a site like lulu.com to self-publish your first book. It has a storefront option, too. It's a no harm no foul proposition since there is no minimum order or up front costs to use their site. Of course you would still want to pursue other publishers in parallel. (I am not affiliated in any way with lulu, but I have used their site for a family history book and was very happy with the quality and service.) I was so moved by your posts about your father this summer - you are a very talented writer. Don't give up your dream.

Melanie Bell

I'm with Shaunte. You have an incredible gift with words. Don't sell yourself short. I love that you got to ride in a car with Marilynne Robinson, and even more that you got to have one of those aha moments. Some people seem super-human, but really we're all just people.

Funny timing. Someone left a copy of Housekeeping in the BYU apartment in Vienna where my parents are staying this semester. I started to re-read it - it's one of my all-time faves. I didn't get far, and I left it for my mom because I really want her to read it. But I need to get another copy - I lent mine to someone and never got it back - and read it again. I love it when a book makes enough of an impression to make you want to re-read it!

Can't wait to read the next amazing thing to come out of your brain! :)

Melissa Kaiserman

Great perspective, Amy.

I love reading what you write here and have no doubt that you will one day be writing for a wider audience.

I'm reading Gilead right now, so it was fun to see Marilynne Robinson star in your post. :)

Sarah M.

I agree with the comments above: you are an awesome writer!

There's a book that you might be interested in that I think covers some of those fears you speak of (I haven't read it, but I've heard about it). It's called "The Art of War for Writers" by James Scott Bell.


What a great story. I really love your writing, and hope you keep at it!

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