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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


heather hoyt

I'm a Word person, not WordPerfect, but just because I learned Word first, and I know Word (2003) inside and out.

But I love Digital Photo Professional (which came with my Canon camera). Photoshop is too expensive and too complicated--I like being able to simply adjust curves, contrast, saturation, then resize to post on my blog--easy and fast.

Kathy Morgan

I'm with you....I learned WordPerfect first...tho you probably know it better than I do it is my go toword processing program.

The other go to is a very old photo editing software from Microsoft called PhotoDraw...I know it probably isn't going to work much longer but until it does...it's still my favorite.


Oh, I love Word Perfect, too. I have only recently given in and purchased Word and am having a fit trying to figure it out. Hating it so far!

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