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Friday, March 23, 2012



Your words make me weep. What a beautiful answer--both content and form. I hope and pray the darkness subsides. I love you!


sweet amy, i had a dark few weeks myself and I wish I knew the right words to comfort you and I wish I could say the magic words to bathe you in light. Just know that I am here rooting for you and cheering you towards the light.


I'm glad that your dark is not quite as dark. Best wishes.


I love the imagery in this post. I can see it all - so beautiful! I am glad you got an answer. Sending big hugs your way.


love karen's words. wish I were as eloquent but I feel the same way.
I don't know the words to help either except to say that I know you are talented. I have copied some of your blog post essays and saved them in files on my computer so I can read them when I want and don't have to search your archives. you do create art with your words and I am grateful for your talent that helped create in me a desire to know you better and was the first step of our friendship. love you.


Chills. Hugs and good luck!


Beautiful. You have such talent. Endless amounts. Go and do. Bigs hugs and lots of enthusiastic encouragement.


Your words stir my soul and make my heart ache. Go for it, Amy. Trying does sometimes mean failing, but trying can just as often mean succeeding. NOT trying is bringing you nothing but pain. And that's a tragedy because you are definitely talented. I add my hugs to the others already given!


Friend- You are putting waaaay too much stock into this. What is the worst that could happen? You write. It doesn't get published?? SO what! You made a home for your words. And when the right publisher comes along, it will resonate with them too.
Part of your dark place is knowing that the timing is right, but being too much of a chicken shit.
(We all do it.)
You have the talent. The desire. Stop letting you hold you back.
We all know you can do it.
Catch up to all us Internet stalkers. lol


I've been waiting for this post. It was, as expected, perfect. Talent, you definitely have. I agree with others ... just show up. Of course, saying that while my own heart quakes in fear with thoughts like "will this novel I've invested so much in ever materialize into anything that matters?," etc. ad nauseum. I hear you. I'm there, too. I hope you keep pluggin' on!


You have such a gift with words. Move forward! Be Brave!

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