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Monday, April 16, 2012


Becky K

I love your quilt sandwich! This is a very cute cute quilt, and I should make one soon! I have a friend who adopted a baby last week...I'm dying to make her a blanket. Maybe I'll do this one! (I'm currently stuck on the mitred corner quilts - they are my go to fast baby quilt.)

And: I hate the ironing and squaring part, too. Ugh. Those parts take WAY longer than the actual sewing!


That is SOOOOOO cute!

Andrea b

I know I adore the quilt you made for us. It's beautiful. And she loves how snuggley it is. Thank you so much for putting your time effort and live onto something for us. Especially something even with your great instructions I couldn't make for myself. I have your thank you note at my house I just haven't made it around to deliver any yet , sorry.


So very cute, belies how easy it is to make! Next time I need a baby gift in a hurry I will try to remember this (Pintrest pin coming up!).
Thanks for sharing (and BTW, I totally love the red back).

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