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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Stephanie W

Wonderful post!!!!


Go Amy! What an inspiring story - so proud of you and for you, and hope I can do something so brave for myself sometime soon.


I do love how you think, Amy dear. Way to jump!!!


Good for you! Love the pics to document your leap of faith. :) Hope you are loving that book (WILD). I bought it earlier in the summer, but haven't started it yet.... other than, when I flipped it open in the bookstore to see if I thought I would like the author, etc. I think a lot of us need to find the courage to be brave(r) when facing our fears. Perhaps I saw one too many episodes of "When animals attack" because I have a strong admiration of the beauty of the National Parks, but somehow, I live in fear that I will (potentially someday) be eaten by a bear. SILLY, I know.... My husband was recently trying to convince me that I "might" like to sleep out under the stars - IF he can convince me to go on a dog-sledding expedition. I told him I'd prefer to sleep under a roof. (He's right though... I'm likely missing out on a fantastic experience.) Thanks for the PUSH in the right direction; reconsidering my fears now.

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