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Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Good job getting out of the van and supporting your team. One of the most disappointing things for me at my first (and possibly only) Ragnar was that so many of my team mates sat in the van the whole time. I expected to feel more "team spirit," but it just wasn't there.

I hope your ankle gets better. I'm so sad for you because you are a REAL runner. It's always the real ones that have the long-term injuries. Dangnabbit!

Stephanie W

Wonderful description of Ragnar. I too talk to myself when I am running. Usually no one is around thank goodness.

Take care of your ankle so you can run without pain again.


I'm reading this post and I'm thinking, "Goodness gracious, I couldn't even run 7.9 miles on two good legs, let alone a twisted ankle." You are amazing, Amy! My boys have to run the mile for a fitness test at school and we went for a practice run to help them train this a.m. We couldn't even run the whole mile. Sheesh, we walked more of it than we ran. Of course, my middle guy is overweight and thus he has a hard time with this, but still ... I am standing amazed! Go AMY!

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