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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Amy Coose

Amazing, Amy! It's fabulous!


Good things take time - the witch quilt is gorgeous and cute!
(Some of my quilts are going to be VERY good, the amount of time they have been languishing in boxes at the back of the cupboard - I don't want to confess just how many of them there are....)

Pamela K.

Love the quilt! I have plenty of UFO's. It's cause for celebration when I actually finish a project. :-) I have been tempted to sew my binding by machine front and back, but am nervous about it. Even though it would cut so much time off my sewing. With this blog entry, I am motivated! Thanks for sharing!


Must come back and explore your blog more thoroughly at the end of this writing month, but did want to pop in to see if you'd posted photos of Italy yet. Now, must respond to your question: one of the novels I am working on this month happens to be one I started, haltingly, eons ago. I am hoping I don't peter out on it entirely, but perhaps it just needs more time to simmer. Great projects can be like that sometimes. Love your Halloween quilt!

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