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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


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Kasandra Mathieson

Loved reading about your Christmas….makes me determined to sit down and write about mine. Thankfully no one was sick, cannot even imagine!!!!

Becky K

Christmas night at moms was fantastic, wasn't it? I enjoyed myself so much. Being zen is way more fun than being all uptight, heh heh.

I loved our dishes moment, too. And Lyndsay's photo bomb. And all of us getting mom a present separately. And seeing all the kids. I loved having Thomas at the big table.

Stupid norovirus! But I'm glad you were all able to be ok on Christmas day at least.


So sorry for your holiday illnesses. Thankful for your card. Loved reading about your Christmas. We went to my mother-in-law's Christmas Eve and brought all our presents along. My sister-in-law (who has only teens) felt that we should have opened our gifts before coming. How can you do Christmas morning without gifts when you have a six year old, I ask? He still believes too and I don't want the magic to end because he's my last.

I allowed the boys to open one gift C.Eve, but it had to be one from Mom. When Sean opened his and discovered four books, he was mad. Big brother didn't help by saying "Getting books is worse than getting coal. At least when you get coal, you can laugh about it, but getting books is like getting a job to do." Oh, how I wept. And my little guy actually likes to read. At least, Trevor was thrilled with the three Dude Diaries he received.

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