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Thursday, February 27, 2014


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Andrea B

Wanna know what I love about you? (because your post focused on physical I will too because if I did personality stuff I could go on forever)
I love your smile, it's warm and sincere and you have perfectly straight teeth that are white. I love the color of your eyes it's beautiful and it's comes with a gleam of wittiness. I would say I love your legs but I haven't ever really noticed them, I have noticed your cute skirts you wear all the time though. Like the one you had on last night. I love that you have hands that are dainty, thin and slender, even though they work hard and serve so many others.


I had many thoughts as I read this . . . like my own list of aging signs . . . the family jowls, eye lids becoming more hooded, veiny hands, etc. And thoughts of you and your beauty and youthfulness. And how much I agree that we need to love our bodies and see our own beauty. And I really like why you like your legs and your final words to love our bodies because they are what lets us experience life. Wonderful thoughts!


I have been feeling bad about my weight lately.. I know I have gained a few pounds in the last few months from stress eating ..... It's been a stressful year. I did good with my stresses summer through about october, and had even made some small changes that made me feel strong and even helped me lose about 10 lbs. I knew I didn't have the energy to do anything big so I kept it small and manageable and then I don't know what did it... a bad week and then all bets were off and i just gave in, gave up and I am seeing the results... tighter clothes, heartburn, etc.

This was timely and needful for me. I generally allow myself to feel pretty good about myself even though I am not where I want to be. I will try harder again to be positive and do those little things that make me feel better and stronger.

I am INDEED grateful that I can walk and run and move the way I want to... I can touch the floor, bending over at the waist, legs straight, with my hands flat on the floor... and none of my kids can even touch the floor with their fingertips.. HA!!! THAT makes me feel good.


You know you posted this on my birthday? ;)

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