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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Becky K

I was so satisfied with the ending of the trilogy. Like you said, you could picture how it would go on. It wasn't too tidy. And, your comment about Moria made me laugh. (I didn't feel the same, but I can see why you did!)

And: now I can say it. The part of Rome that they were in, when they were in their fancy hotel? It was right by those hotels that we went in, the ones on the Piazza Della Rupublica; we walked exactly there! I think my favorite parts of the book were when they were in Rome; just being able to picture where they were in real life and not my imagined version of Rome was a highlight of the book.


Did you mean to provide a link to the article decrying adults reading YA because that sounds like an interesting read? Do share.

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