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Monday, February 13, 2017



It's so tough when you can't run. When it's part of your identity but you're sidelined. I am injured right now too. I also fell though not because of my ankle but because I'm a klutz. Last year I fell and was out for 2 months. This time I think I'll be back quicker. I understand your sadness. I hope you can run again too.


Hugs, Amy! It would think there would be SOMETHING a doctor somewhere could do to strengthen that ankle! I'm happy to be one of those sweaty people working out next to you, but I really do wish you could run again!

Feisty Harriet

I have never been this kind of runner, but I wish you could be again. Hugs and magical ankle voodoo to you.



I totally relate as I can't ride a horse any more because I got to the point where I was so afraid of falling I simply couldn't go faster than a slow trot. Horses can tell when you're scared too, and they spook more easily. Vicious circle. There was a long (looooong) hiatus when I wasn't very physically active but more recently I've discovered walking, and half marathons are now 'my thing'. Just maybe walking could be a pale substitute for running for you - eventually you might come to love it for its own sake.

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