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Wednesday, April 12, 2017



Love this reminder. I'm re-doing CZ's class "Me, The Abridged Version" as well as AE's "31 Things" as my 100DayProject. My kids are getting older and I'm feeling the need to write down my stories for them to read someday in the future. Love your blog for all the inspiration.

Laura Cushman

I've gotten so much better about telling my own story. I love that you told your Thanksgiving story and that there it was, whether you were ready or not. This is the way I felt this year about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love that you have your Hall Autumn Leaf bowl picture. Why do I not USE my bowls instead of just have them on display. I came to scrapbooking as my kids were leaving high school. There are so many stories to go back and tell but I like to tell the stories going forward too. With my kids as adults and adding grandkids and their boyfriends and girlfriends. Thank you for speaking up - scrapbooking isn't just about children. We all have stories.


I agree that it's very important to tell our stories. I want my kids and grandkids to know me when I'm gone!


I started scrapbooking years before I got married, so I was my primary subject. It was good to share my story. I chuckle at some of the ways I thought about things then, but have so far resisted re-creating the layouts with a more mature voice. :)

Your post stirs the questions, "Why is self-care so difficult sometimes? Why is it perceived as selfish?"

Love your thoughts!


I need to create more layouts like these. Tomorrow is Easter and my family will gather at our home. Good reminder to take a few photos of the people I love when we're together and to document the stories.

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