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Monday, July 03, 2017



I know exactly what you mean with your lady. I volunteered for our local library service "Books on Wheels" about 10 years ago. I had my lady, a list of her likes and dislikes and had to choose her books and take them to her home once a fortnight. We had the choice of whether we stayed to chat or for a cup of tea, and she always invited me so I stayed about an hour each time. She used to get quite cross with me if I chose anything slightly different to what she had specified and I used to get so frustrated, but when I had to stop visiting as I increased my work hours she was so upset. She was very set in her ways, but my visits had become so important to her.


Oh my gosh, don't put Wild in her stack of books! (You may have been half/completely kidding.) I'm relatively open-minded, but Strayed's descriptions of returning home to her husband having just cheated on him with someone . . . I can't imagine your sweet church lady patron enjoying that. Just my two cents!

Heather V

This is such a good reminder, one that I will be taking to work at the library tomorrow.


"Grandma Gatewood's Walk" is a wonderful story about a strong woman who walked the Appalachian Trail...a true pioneer of the thru-hikers of today. I loved this story so much and recommend it to many of my friends. Another good one is "Lassoing the Sun." It is more about loving National Parks than hiking, but the sub-story between the author and his mother who inspired his love of the outdoors is so sweet. Also, your post is a good reminder that it costs nothing to be kind and doing so can make such a difference to another person. Kind matters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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