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Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Tina Crowder

If you continue up the hill south of Battle Creek Canyon, along the Curly Springs Trail, there is an "overlook" to your right that looks down into Battle Creek Canyon, called Brush Mountain! From there to Dry Canyon it is another 3 miles. Great place to snowshoes in winter too!


I haven't finished reading the post yet, but I just had to stop and comment on how perfect it is that you use dictionaries as weight. <3

(I use water because I can dump it out on the summit to save my knees on the downhill, but I love that you are literally carrying words and meanings on your back.)


Crossing rivers and streams is so much easier with hiking poles. I'd never realised that secondary benefit of having them until (after your prompting) I succumbed and bought some. Now I (and you) just have to remember to take the poles when hiking!

(Just FYI, in New Zealand vocabulary the word for 'hiking' is 'tramping'(but we take 'hiking poles' tramping, so go figure!).)

Wendy Hill

We took the boys to Starved Rock State Park in IL to hike in nature's beauty and I was so thrilled that they felt an awe for their surroundings instead of complaining about the experience (something I worried might happen). Your neck of the woods is breathtakingly beautiful and I would love to show them such intense natural delights. Besides that, you capture it so well with your photography. I am feeling anxiety about my upcoming trip to London/Paris/Rome mixed with a bit of discouragement because I know I'm a horrible photographer and will not be able to capture beautiful moments like others do. So glad you have such skill for capturing the beauty in words and pictures.

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