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Sunday, September 10, 2017



I enjoy reading about regular life. (Hope that doesn't make me a stalker but if so..I am!)

Becky K

I love this post. It sounds like you had some good moments. <3 I want to copy this idea, but again, I'm terrible at blogging anymore.

Love you!


Your paragraph about your Friday discussions with Jake reminded me of something to share since I started working in Wellington at the university. Ed (our son, now 26) works there too, and HE suggested we meet on Wednesdays for lunch. It's been really nice to have a regular get together with him and we've had some good discussions about our up-coming parliamentary election, the ups and downs of marriage/long-term relationships (as he's now engaged), and (as he's been at the university for three years, and has a job with a more over-arching focus than I do) lots about the ins and outs of university admin. It's been a real education and I am so enjoying relating to my son on an adult-adult level.

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