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Wednesday, October 26, 2005



Amy, I love that Haley was so intrigued by it all, especially the homeless man. I'm sure that she was overwhelmed by the differences in little old Utah and the big city of LA! As always, another thought-provoking entry. When I walked the Boulevard, all I wanted to find was Clark Gable! Interesting how different our interests all are... which is why Ray Bradbury got a star. I'd not have known who he was. I'd never lie down on, and, well... you know... Viggo either. But, there's no telling what I'd do if MMM-MMM-MMMatthew's star were near!

Glad you're home. I missed you immensely!



Mmmmmm, Viggo...

And I'm so with you on the "Walk of Stars" for writers. Imagine the sight: hordes of nervous, bookish-looking types, their spectacles slipping down their noses at the sheer excitement of it all, clutching Moleskine cahiers and feverishly jotting notes...

"Omigod, Sylvia Plath!" "Wow, right next to Dorothy Parker!" "Wanna take a rubbing?" ...a few minutes later... "Oh. My. Don't look now, but... isn't that NEIL GAIMAN getting his star over there?" *quiet swooning*

Glad you had a good time in California! Sorry the boys weren't feeling up to snuff that day. And glad you're back home and blogging once more!


chuckling over Molly's comments! I'm glad you found one writer at least. It sounds like your trip was fun! I'm glad you're back, though!

Kelly Edgerton

Can't say that I recognize the name of the star you found, but hey! GOOD FOR YOU. I would have hated to hear that you left the walk of fame feeling gyped.


I thought that the other comments were funny. They made me think about an article in the paper that I read recently about English majors from Utah State. They said that many, if not most, were able to get jobs after graduation, which may help to dispell the theory that English majors are "unemployable intellectuals." Enjoy that one over breakfast! =)

Glad you are bloggin' again.


Cool! When I was there (for HIA a couple of years ago) I took pictures of The Smothers Brothers, Gene Roddenberry, and Kermit the Frog's stars.

Viggo's influence must be truly impressive if he can make the English geek want to "lay" down. ;)

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