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Sunday, October 02, 2005



Amy, Kaleb's getting so big! Your message tonight, goes right along with what I always say, "Life doesn't have to be perfect to be perfectly wonderful!" You got it! big hugs!



First off: he's a cutie

Second: I didnt start scrapping until after I was done having kids (they're now 11, 6 and 4).
And although i always loved to take pics of them, I didnt have the 'breahtaking posed shots" that are so in right now.

But i look back and I look at what surrounds my kids in each picture. "Oh, remember that toy??" "Oh wow, I had forgotten we used to have that frame at our first appartment".

I think we're so bombarded with perfect pictures, cropped to the max, that we forget our surroundings. The every day mess around us. Need to record those!

Kelly Edgerton

OH MY GOSH! He looks totally different all wiggly and bent like that. I double clicked the picture to get a better look at Mr. Baby Wonderful and I canNOT believe how cute and chubby those legs are. YES! Take more of these pictures. These are how I will get to know him. Great entry, Amy.


such a cutie! and -- we have the same kitchen dishtowels!!! :)


your little guy is just too cute - thanks so much for the reminder to take those everyday shots -I think I roo have been caught up in getting those "perfect shots" I often find though that some of my best shots are the ones captured unexpected in the midst of all the surroundings and chaos - with the shoes and the dishtowels and everything else


Good point! I think I've done pretty well taking "everyday" pictures of Kate, but I don't have many from the first couple of months. The ones I do have are precious.

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