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Friday, October 28, 2005



Hold onto those moments. They are precious. Just be glad you figured it out now until 20 years from now when they are grown and gone.

Kelly Edgerton

Yep, we don't get re-do's, which is why I am now trying to savor each and every moment. I know that you are doing the same thing. It's a wonderful way to approach motherhood, isn't it?


Amy, the fact that you recognize this so poignantly always amazes me. Being that I'm doing it the second time around with the babes, there are many times that I wonder where the time went so quickly with my big kids. I love when Liza still comes to cozy up with me on the sofa for me to play with here hair... it can still be done when your kids are twenty, but there's something different...starting with the smell of baby soap or the scent of Clinique Happy and hairspray! "Happy", I can smell. Babysoap, I only remember! Big hugs.



I'm so glad you are enjoying being at home with your kids. You sound so much happier than you did at this time last year.


That sounds lovely. Sometimes I worry that I'm not in the moment enough, not paying enough attention, not really experiencing all this fully. It's good to have a reminder.

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