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Sunday, February 12, 2006


corinne delis

ok a bit to difficult to me, lol!



No there is a name I haven't heard in ages Edna St Vincent Millay. Off to find the poem we used to read in school all the time.


Amy, where the hell do you find these incredible freakin' poems? "Murder the killer we have to call life..." ...OMG, I like to die. *snif*

Heather D. White

Oh I so miss my college English classes! I love this. And I loved Sylvia Plath's work as well! I need to get back into things like this. I really miss it!


This one is dense and satisfying, rich with metaphor. I was not familiar with Stevenson's work, thanks for sharing it here.


I came across this poem about fifteen (can it be that long?) years ago while I was in college in Nottingham. It struck me as one of the most beautiful things I had ever read, especially as I knew the flower from my childhood and the description of the fragrance was so spot on, then the rest.... I like the idea of your blog, I too have a little boy (31/2) adn my life revolves around teaching, my son and poetry and art and nature. Sounds like yours does too. How about reading poetry and putting it up as an MP3 or something? I a such a gift to hear voices as well as seeing words. Strange how I bought loaned a CD of poets reading their work and how disapointed I was at the sound of their voices - except for Sylvia Plath and Larkin - I thought that Dylan Thomas was awfully plummy and not like Richard Burton (who read his work soo beautifully). It is hot and dry here in Australia at the moment, the bushfires raging and our damns alomost empty - perhaps it is snowing on your mountain.


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