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Tuesday, April 18, 2006



Simply a magnificent, honest, raw entry. Wow. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Thank you for the reminder that our time is precious. HUGS!


How sad, but so real. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


wow. the depth of your emotional response to this event really comes through in your writing beautifully (i hope that doesn't sound awful)... especially the part where you wrote "as if the black-clad shoulders were stepping stones that could carry them across the turbulence of their grief"



Wendy Sue

Thank you for sharing this. You made me cry, but I appreciate your reflections and thoughts. We lost a nephew in an accident a few years ago and it's so true that the support of friends (close and otherwise) can truly help the family through such a horrific event. Thank you...

chris jenkins

this is really sad and so real and I thank you for sharing youe feelings about this tragedy - because it could just as easily happened to any of us

i have not been to many funerals but i know the feeling you describe as voices come together and sing - the Spirit must have been so strong right then and I know a bit of of comfort to all

i really appreciate the way you write and convey your feelings - i can really get a sense of how it was to be there

take care~

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