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Friday, July 07, 2006



I wish that I could offer words of wisdom. I can't. Just know that you're not alone!

Right now, my first priority w/Hope is that we talk. Even if the talking sometimes sounds like yelling. Even if the talking is sometimes obscured by tears. Even if the talking is things that neither one of us wants to hear.

And I do try, as often as possible, to bridge the gap. Listen to "her" music on itunes. Comment on fit & coordination of clothes rather than style. Watch a little MTV instead of leaving the room.

I do tell her regularly that I'm just making sure that she has plenty of material for therapy when she's older.

tracy whitney

feeling your pain - I have an 11 year old daughter who is getting grumpier by the day.

Becky T.

I feel your pain....Samantha's 15 and we still go through it. Kristin's 10, and while she has her moments, she's definitely not the way Sam was at that age.

Sending you big hugs....the moments do come, still - they're just sometimes a little harder to find, and you cherish them more when you do. You'll make it. I know you will.


Amy, knowing you and Haley both, I have to say that no matter how trying this time is, she is a girl who adores her mother and wise beyond her years. You will survive this. It might not be fun. It might even get ugly at times. But, you will survive. Good luck to you, my friend! I'm here if you need to scream or cry or pull your hair out! Big hugs!


chris jenkins

you are so not alone Amy!

my daughter Madison will be 11 this year and she is just the moodiest girl ever and nothing can be quite cool enough.

i am on my wit's end with her and some of her friends with their sighs of "Ugh" and what-not. And I swear that her bouts get worse when she hangs out with her friends and everything just has so much drama!

i have no words of advice since I too am experiencing this for the 1st time but the only thing that is getting me through is patience, prayer, and a lot of biting of the lip!

big hugs to you - i hope I survive the adolescence stage too!

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