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Sunday, July 09, 2006



must add Everything is Illuminated to my list of "Must Read" books!!! Thanks Amy!


We must be kindred spirits--I love the written word and I have a stack of 'Can't-wait-to-read' books too! : )

I'll take your advice and use a pen the next time I'm reading!


tracy whitney

love your dare - I have come across many, many passages that I've bookmarked to read again, mull over. Problem is - most of the books I read come from the library. Better not write in those!

Julie Ann Shahin

I've done this and I agree -it's fascinating to read what you wrote a long time ago.

alecia grimm

love your dare. I do write in my books all the time. It's funny to lend the books out to others ..sometimes people don;t 'get' the comments, LOL.


That is so cool. I am an avid reader of books - all kinds of books (right now non-fiction, historical) and I've never once underlined, highlighted, or commented in my books (other than text books) - but I will, and I'm going to go out today and pick up that book you are so enamored with -- I was looking for a good summer read...will let you know!


Cool! I LOVE a good read!


I have a glasses case that has a little pocket for pens for just this reason! I love underlining things, writing notes about things that speak to me, and folding down those corners you mentioned. I also have one of those dying to read it stacks you mentioned. Great post! Thanks for sharing it.

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