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Monday, August 07, 2006


Jennifer Stewart

Oh, this is beautiful and such a sweet reminder of what we have. Makes me want to go upstairs and hold my son while he sleeps. Thank you for this post.


Toni *FoxyCropper*

Awe...That just breaks my heart....


Your entry was both sad and beautiful(hearing about tucking your children in for bed). I don't know what it is like to lose a child, but have a friend who does. Such a sad time for your friend. My thoughts go out to that family. After reading your blog it makes me want to jump out of this chair and go give my boys big hugs. tfs Danielle

Wanda E. Santiago

It is hard to loose a child it is even harder to let them go!! I hope she finds the strenth inside of her. Hugs Wanda


This is a really beautiful and sad entry. Prayers for Emily's family as they learn to continue on without her.



Ths is so sad and touching! Thank you for the reminder!


Amy, I'm in tears...sad tears for Emily's family...and tears of blessing for the reminder of how lucky I am that I have all my babies here with me, still. Hugs to you and prayers for that sweet family.


This breaks my heart, but I am going to go kiss my kids one more time!

Robin C.

Bless you for having such a loving heart. Donna is blessed to have a friend like you. Prayers for you & Donna.


you moved me by your post.
hugs and prayers out to you and to emily and the rest of her family.
God will comfort her. He always does.


so true. and your final sentence brought me to tears ... it's a pain i don't ever want to experience. my prayers are with donna and her family, and to all our children that they grow up to lead full, happy lives.

corinne delis

Wow you said it so well, love your entry and I will send out a prayer for this family.



I will pray for this family. How sad.

Liz Ness

I am so sorry for the loss you, Donna, and every person who knew her feels for Emily. But, because of you, I find that Emily's short life has great meaning (at least for me); that her life and passing touches and compels.

Thanks for honoring Emily through such deep gratitude for your own blessings. Thanks for reminding us to hug our own loved ones and to remember how dear they are to us. Thanks, also, for sharing Emily's story with such love that we might all embrace her.

Heather L

I also had a close friend who lost a little one to Trisomy 18. Baby Emma lived 3 months and she touched so many lives during her short time. At the beginning there was a lot of "whys". After she passed everything became clear why she was sent to this earth. She was such an amazing little soul and will be missed.

I will keep Emily, Donna and her family in my thoughts and prayers.

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