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My Best Friend's Baby

Yesterday, I went to Salt Lake to attend the blessing of my very best friend, Chris's baby. In the LDS church, sometime during the first two or three months after a baby is born, he or she is blessed, given a name and a blessing for his/her life. And Sunday was the blessing day of Chris's baby Collin. Here's a picture of Chris and me on the day Collin was born:Chris_me_collin

Isn't he cute? He's even cuter now. She let me hold him during church and he looked at me with the sweetest expression. I fell head-over-heels in love with this baby! He gooed and smiled at me, and just exuded his own cute little personality. I actually had this thought, looking at him: I need a little daughter so you can marry her one day. LOL! He took quite awhile to get here, so the feeling I had for my friend to have this baby is indescribable. Chris and I have been friends since 1987. She came into my life at the exactly right moment, when I needed a real, true friend. We fell in friendlove immediately and have been best friends ever since. Both our lives have held difficulties, and we've stayed by each other's side.

But Chris? Well, it's not a prize anyone wants, but she wins for the most hard times in her life. Her mom died when she was three and that was just the beginning of her trials. This girl has been through almost every bad thing you can imagine. She has every excuse in the book for slinking away and becoming an unproductive member of society. But she has never used anything as an excuse. She has dealt with what was given her and become a better person. She's created an amazing life for herself, with a great husband, cool job, sweet daughter, and now her little son. I am so proud of her.

So my gratitude today is for Chris. For that Friday night when one of my "friends" left me at the dance club without a ride home, and this vaguely familiar girl who was dating one of the boys in my high school (even though she didn't go there) gave me a ride home. Grateful I accidentally left my wallet in her car. Grateful that the next morning, we both had job interviews at a telemarketing firm. We sat next to each other for over an hour, both afraid to say anything (both of us were also, incidentally, memorizing our social security numbers, as we had nothing else to do), but we each were hired and we ended up in the same training team. When I look back at the way we became friends, it reminds me of God's influence in my life, as it relied on the decisions of so many other people. Serendipity, our friendship. Chris has been the place I have turned to over and over again in my life. And I am so grateful to call her my friend.


Julie Ann Shahin

Just saying hi!

chris jenkins

good friends are one of life's greatest treasures - i know for myself I am so thankful for mine because they have made me a better person

funny thing - i made a new friend because I went to an activity at another ward and somehow this girl's cell phone ended up in my crop bag - i returned it to her and we hit it off and now I have another good friend

thanks for sharing your friend with me today!

take care~

Liz Ness

What a cool beginning to a friendship! Also, her baby is cute (love how it is looking up at her)!

kelly edgerton

Amy, this entry made me cry. Your friendship with Chris is a gift and a treasure. You are blessed.

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