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Thursday, November 09, 2006



Wow Amy, you are soooo right. I just power cleaned my scraproom yesterday (pics on my blog), and mine isn't so fancy either, although my walls are gold. lol. Anyway, It's so easy to get caught up in the stocking and organizing that I forget why I crop!! Great post! Thanks!

kelly edgerton

I agree with this theory. The getting can lead to things I don't need and places I really don't want my mind to go. GREAT INSIGHT!


I couldn't agree with you more regarding the SB supplies. I feel so overcome and consumed with guilt whenever I organize my room. The thousands of dollars in product - some of which will never see the light of day. I am going to remember your words and what sbing really is about. "Getting" to keep the memories.
Angie ~ Cupcake


Hi Amy,
I am just now reading this, and just now really understanding this idea. I just spent almost an hour writing about this very idea, and about how I want to start recording my memories, and pairing them with photos (when possible) and having the product come second to those two things. Of course, product can inspire memories too, but the focus should be on the stories themselves. Thanks for sharing this, as further confirmation.

Annette Kuusinen

I thought I was the only one with a stash of Bryce & Madeline stickers. Just recently I found a great use for them - my daughters lunch notes. I'll never use them on a layout, they aren't my style, but oh-so-cute! My girls love them and I am happy to finally use them.



Debbie S.

I couldn't agree more! Great post! I don't even scrap in my scrap room because it's an overwhelming mess of stuff I don't use. The stuff I do use could fit in quite a small space...I'm chipping away at getting rid of stuff, but it's tough work. Emotionally overwhelming...I should, I should, I should...

(btw, got here for the first time from Write.Click.Scrapbook...great post there too!)


Just came from WCS, and love this post. Love how you applied Wordsworth's quote to this issue. I need to write that quote on my wallet! Looking forward to this week's series.


HI Amy, You know I have felt some of the same things. There was SO much, I didn't know where to start! I get excited about a new paper, but then don't want to use and never do....I love local scrapbook store. I laughingly told them once that I don't even scrapbook, I just go there for the comaraderie. I just need to learn that I don't have to buy something every single time. thanks for validating this resolution!

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