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Monday, December 11, 2006


Karen Greenfield

Dear Amy---My Mother had those weird memories at the end of her life. She didn't have Alzheimers but she was convinced my sister and I had abandoned her/locked her in (it varied) her neighbor's basement and left her there in the dark for days without food and water as well as yelling terrible things at her thru the door. Her neighbor doesn't have a basement which she supposedly knew having minded the neighbor's house several times. We would try to tell her we would never/had never done that. But the longer she cried and asked us why we'd done that to her, the longer her sad tale got....and she'd tell it over and over, etc. The mind is a wonderful terrible force, isn't it. I'll be thinking about you and your Dad.


Sigh, I am sorry. Hugs. Becky


Oh Amy.

How sad, and how very wonderful. You have such a way with words....

Thanks for sharing this. It makes me want to do a better job at journaling, and at being a daughter to my own parents.

Erin Campbell-Pope

What a beautiful story and well written. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing this.



Your entry really touched me - I have a grandmother with Alzheimer's. But the part that got to me the most was "you are so smart to write this all down. You are smart because one day maybe you'll be like me and can't remember anything, but then you can read this and you can remember it anyway." My eyes instantly filled with tears. All I can say is be glad he was able to look at them, read them and appreciate them. That's something my father was never able to do.

God bless you and your family, Erin


Your entry brought tears to my eyes. Big hugs!

Kayci Bitton

Amy I love you. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely love reading everything that you have written. I go back and read whenever I have time. Thanks for being such a good example to me.



Was routed to your entry by Shaunte and 2peas. Having been through what you are coping with with my grandma and fearing it for my own dad, it really touched me. Keep writing. Your memories will live through your words. Thanks.

Lisa W

That story reminds me of my Grandfather when he was alive. Some times he would wake up and swear that the house was on fire. I am glad to find someone who is LDS and also scrapbooks.

Sue Travassos

Amy - I have not been there personally but you make me feel like I am right there with you. Your dad is so right - we need to write it down because one day we either won't remember or we will be gone. You are an amazing writer and you do have a way with words.

Big HUGS to you!!

Emily Pitts

thanks for sharing an incredibly powerful thought. isn't it nice to have the gospel?

Traci Turchin

Thank you so much for sharing this story. I've been feeling the boredom/negativity that is out there in regards to scrapbooking, and it just feels really good to read this and remember why it is that we scrapbook!


What a heartwrenching story! I am so sorry that you're going through this. I couldn't imagine losing my daddy in that way. I pray for peace and blessings for you, and I love that you have found the real reason we scrapbook.


I love reading your blog, you have such a way with words it makes me want to start writing again. I am also LDS and my grandmother had Alzheimers. I wish she had written her stories down. I am blessed to have one side of the family's life history, my maternal grandmother. I am now more inspired to share my thoughts and our family stories with my children. Thank you.

Liz Ness

I love your faith through all of this and my heart aches for you in your challenges. HUGS to you Amy.


Thanks for writing this down... He's right... you'll never regret "getting it down on paper". : )


bawling here - my grandmother my rock the women who taught me to be strong and independant is battling in very much the same way as your father. I have you in my prayers. thank you for the reminder, thank you for the blessing of your post.



bawling here - my grandmother my rock the women who taught me to be strong and independant is battling in very much the same way as your father. I have you in my prayers. thank you for the reminder, thank you for the blessing of your post.


Jessica Sprague

Beautifully written and heart-wrenching. Thank you for making me stop and think. And I remember a quote from President Monson, who said that the Holy Ghost often preaches to us from the pulpit of memory. So glad you had that scripture tucked in there. Thank you.


You are a real inspiration... God bless you and your family.

Thanks for sharing,
Alexandra (FL)

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