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Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Hugs. I've often thought that if I lost my ability to read, I'd be a sad puppy.


I just added it to my cart, not to many words, no forced rhymes, subtext, sounds like it is right up my ally.

Have you checked out 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds, or the book he illustrated, 'Someday' the first one is great, the second one buy for a mother and wrap with a box of tissues.

dana burton

Twenty years after graduating from high school, I found myself back in the school/community library. I was brwosing the shelves and pulled out a book I thought looked interesting. I was stunned to see my name (in high school handwriting) signed on the card in the library pocket on the inside cover of the book! At that moment I remembered who I was. I remembered the girlhood part of myself. It all rushed into my mind. It was one of the neatest surprises I have ever experienced.

Liz Ness

What a great recommendation! Also, it sounds like a love of words runs in your family...that's AWESOME! I, too, am fond of books (okay, my husband says this is how I will die. Someday, they'll all fall in some event and I'll be crushed because there are so many. He, also, claims that I don't know what a library card is. You've inspired me to prove him wrong!).


It sounds very cute!

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