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Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Oh, amy, it sounds wonderful! I am thinking about trying the pie this year. I need to find a pastry cutter; they don't sell them at Target, go figure!


I especially like the comments at the end....to tell the "real" story! I'm not a pie maker either...but I'm telling you, you can't beat Marie's. I wouldn't feel guilty at all! I even like the Pillsbury, premade crust you just pop in the pan. I can't wait to try your chicken! Sounds fabulous. My cooking rule is this: you can make it a hundred times perfectly at home. Everyday. Then, you make it for a larger gathering or a special occasion and EVERYTHING will go wrong. Don't forget the salt in the rolls. That's what I do. Especially if I'm taking them to someone.....And don't you love all those yummy spices...allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon,cloves...it's Fall! It's Fall! It's Fall! It's the best!

Kayci Bitton

Good for you! I have to make a pie for our family too. I decided to do chocolate cream pie, know a good recipie? P.S. I would like to hear your thoughts on Glenn and all that followed, if you have time. (You can just send an e-mail if you would like) Thanks and good luck with the pie crust adventure! :) love ya!


I love number 7.

I don't know if I'm really a pie crust snob, because I'll eat and enjoy just about anything. :) However, I have ALWAYS wanted to make fabulous pie crusts. I try every once in a while, and came close earlier this year. Now that I'm really trying to go trans-fats-free, it's next to impossible without the shortening.

I may have to try this recipe anyway. It sounds delicious!


I made three pies last week -- two with the premade flat pieces in the refrigerator section and one homemade. I am just going to have to stick with the refrigerator kind. I add lemon & orange juice & lemon & orange zest to the inside of the pie -- it makes it super tart & perfect with ice cream.


I used a food processor to mix my pie crust when I did it, with good results. My sister thinks that doing it by hand is better, though. Also, when I made the crust the bottom was too tough, yet the top was flaky because I rolled out the bottom just a tiny bit more. Pastries are a tricky thing.

I tried out recipe that just used butter, not shortening. Not as good as flavor, but it did make a decent pie crust.

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