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Randomalities, Christmas-Style

Yesterday, we got another beautiful snowstorm. My mom called me this morning to ask if I was satisfied with our snow---she hates snow, and I'm the polar opposite, always wishing for more and getting anxious when it's not around. I'm nearly satisfied. Another, say, five inches would have had me a very happy snow-lover. But I am thrilled that we've had two snow storms in two weekends, and even though there's a writing challenge coming up next, I wanted to just record a few things from this weekend that connect, somehow, to the snow.

  • There was so much snow on our roof that the Dish couldn't receive a signal, and someone had borrowed Kendell's ladders, so he couldn't get up on the roof. He came up with a genius solution: he filled one of those giant, soaker-style water guns with hot water and squirted the snow off the dish. Brilliant! He did it last night and then again this morning; the second time around, Jake helped him, and I could hear them laughing outside while they worked in the snow. I hope he remembers that good moment with his dad.
  • Although the roads were slickery, we drove to Salt Lake City last night, so Kendell could put up his sister Melissa's Christmas lights and I could go to dinner and a movie with my friend Chris who lives up there, too. I so needed a girl's night out. We saw Dan in Real Life and it was so good I forgot to open the chocolate I brought in my purse. Then we drove around in the snow for a bit, laughing and talking and laughing and talking.
  • Haley picking her way down the street, wearing flip flops despite the cold, in front of Melissa's house, looking at the snowy midnight landscape, talking to me about the sky.
  • This morning, I went outside to take a few photos of the snow. Kaleb came with me, and I wanted him to stay on the porch. Of course, he's two, and he was having none of that, so he went carefully down the stairs and started running through the snow---in bare feet. He ran for a bit, smiling, and then he stopped, with a surprised look on his face. He started high-stepping through the snow, like a cat with tape on her paws, and said "Mom! Snow needs shoes!"

And with I'll post the writing challenge. Didn't want to forget those things!


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