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Monday, January 07, 2008



I am glad Mary is doing better. I was so scared to talk to you when I found out; I, too, thought the whole nativity had been lost. Here's to motherhood and enduring and going on, despite our lost pieces.


Amy, I was heartbroken for you when I first read your Mary had been broken. I know how much your nativities mean to you, and this one is extra-special. But even with a mended Mary, it is a beautiful set--and now there's an extra piece of bittersweet family history to go along with the (well-mended, I must say) cracks.


Your perspective on what happened and how it relates to motherhood is something I needed to hear. I think your children learned a very valuable lesson, as well. One they won't forget this time. I'm sorry your Mary is broken, but I know you still love her and that's all that matters.


Amy, I've taken your Big Picture Gift of Words class and have been coming to your blog now and then. I love your writing and as a mother with grown children (how did that happen?) your real-life descriptions take me back to the days of having littles and mediums around. I'm so sorry that Mary was broken. Thanks for sharing your gifts.


I confess, I cried for you and your Mary. I'm glad she came together okay. I love that you didn't yrll after the first shriek. I think shrieks are allowed. I hope I remember to stop after the first shriek. :)

That looks like a beautiful set, btw. My set was stolen in 2001, and I have yet to replace it.


Amy......I absolutely loved this post! As soon as I read it, I thought of it all day! Reminded me of so many analogies, but especially the scripture in Ether 12:27, of the Lord making weak things become strong. Sooo glad you decided to glue your Mary back together, isn't that what Heavenly Father does everytime we come apart? I wonder if you will learn to love this Mary even more than the other one, because as you said every year she will remind you to hang on when new mother trials come along! I would love to share this story with your permission, have to confess I have already read it to my family....

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