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Monday, January 14, 2008



Ohh, I get it! They are beautiful, so beautiful.


I recognize ours! And I think Debbie's, too. Too bad Kendall doesn't get it!

I love that you make pj's for your kids. It's not ALWAYS cheaper to buy, depending on the bargain shopping thing, but either way, there is something wonderful about home made pj's.

This was fun to read. The nativity quilt is beautiful, too, btw!


Amy, what gorgeous quilts! You have such an eye for color--every combination is beautiful. And the nativity quilt is so lovely it deserves to be brought out just once a year so it stays truly special.

(Mmmmm, flannel.)


Love the quilts - they are beautiful. I understand your love for flannel, understand enjoying making pj's for the kids and understand your love of the process! I haven't learned to make quilts yet, but hope to in the future.... seeing your nativity quilt made me want to make one for our family! I'm sure that will become a treasure in the years to come.


Thanks so much for sharing your quilts and your thoughts about sewing. I agree with your reasons - I'm so glad there are some of us think it is worth doing. After a long dry spell of making clothes from scratch I made a gown and tea outfilt (jacket and skirt) for my daughter and she loved it! No one else will ever have one just like it. It makes me feel good to make something for those I love.

dana burton

Oh Amy, they are beautiful!


So gorgeous! you have a gift!

Kristi G

They are all beautiful. I wish I had one of the baby quilts for my little girl! But the nativity quilt is breathtaking. I agree that it's hard to find nativity themed fabric, scrapbook paper, or anything. I think you do great work. One day when you are sitting under the quilt with your kids or grandkids, it will click with your husband and he'll feel silly for not "getting" it earlier!


Just beautiful!


Oooooooh! As a fellow quilter, I appreciate the amount of labor that goes into making a quilt. I too think of the generations of my family who will enjoy my creations (or else...?). My aunt gave me a quilt that was pieced by hand from apron fabrics by my great-great grandmother and quilted by my great-grandmother. It was used for many many years before landing on a wall in a shady part of my home.

I love each one of the baby quilts. For a few years I made quilts for each of my friends who had a baby. I had difficulties getting pregnant & so each time I made a blanket, I felt like I could vicariously hug each little recipient.


I love your quilts. I quilt-at it, sorta. I have about 7 tops in an upstairs closet - all doubles and queens. Just tops. Maybe I should do something with them? I've made 4 quilts I've given away - a wall quilt and 3 baby quilts. So, I get it. I would love to snuggle under one of your flannel quilts, they look so pretty and cozy. I'm thinking may be we need one. The nativity quilt is beautiful, and yes, I agree, it should be kept for special. I know one day your children will cherish it.


You need to show your talent off more often! I had no idea how creative the flannel blankets could be. They are so cute, and looking at your nativity quilt makes me want to do mine. I LOVE that we both wanted it & got it (separately) within days of one another. Thanks for posting these!

Kayci Bitton

How fun! I love every single quilt! I like to sew too. Jeff's grandma helped instil the love for sewing in me, now when I sew or hear about someone who loves to sew I think about her. Now that she is back with her eternal companion, Heaven wouldn't be Heaven for her without sewing! I know you two would have gotten along very well! :) She spent the last 3 years sewing her life away for others, constantly making fleece blankets for people around her. Good work on the rag quilts. When I have more time I would love to get into making more quilts. Love ya!


Sewing gives me hive. Even thinking about the tension screw gives me tension. So I REALLY appreciate it when someone loves to do this stuff. And they will be heirlooms to anyone priviledged to have one. And sometimes men really don't get it. I'll work so hard on a poem and read it to my darling h., and he'll say, "Oh....gee, you used a lot of words to say that!"



Those are the most beautiful quilts!! I wished I had talent or time like you to do something like that. It has been my dream to make Jayven or my next future baby a quilt! I need to take some lessons! :) Good job!!


Will you email me the book that you got the quilt pattern out of? I saw it once, but can't remember the name and I'd like to get it. It's beautiful, btw!

Janet Siefert

I would like to know where you can get the pattern for the nativity quilt.. also is there any chance you can tell me how you are getting the frayed edges on the other quilts.

john walter

I appreciate your work in sewing the costumes in various fashions it is very hard and craft needed i see the above pics and found very beautiful specially the last red one with different images in the costume


I was doing a search for navivity quilts and found yours. Beautiful. Is it tacky to ask if you designed it yourself or if you used a pattern. AND if you did use a pattern would you mind letting me know where I can obtain one also. Yours is the best nativity quilt I have seen yet. Love it!!


I agree with Sharon above. It is extremely beautiful and I hope your family treasures it! Love it! If you have a pattern or instructions of how you made this I would love a copy!

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