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Tuesday, January 08, 2008



I think you practiced admirable restraint.


Hey, you didn't swear AT her, by any stretch of the imagination. You swore NEAR her. If you had said "Ring me up now, you complete bitch!" she might have a case, but as it was... no harm, no foul.

Did Jake like the bathrobe?

Kayci Bitton

That is so funny! I am glad you gave that girl a piece of your mind! Sometimes they just take their sweet time and don't care whether they make you late for something more important than their counter! :) I updated my blog...thanks to the requests I got :) Hope you have a good day!

dana burton

I keep rereading this entry because it is so funny AND WELL WRITTEN:"well, if you can call carrying a 35-pound two-year old through the crowded mall RUSHING"... "and then it went right back up"..."and then I snapped"..."it's good to know, sometimes, that you are someone else's story". The contrast between the salesperson's two styles of "HURRYING"...the surprise ending - "Well, I've got news for her.." Also, I am enjoying the Santa photo. Haley and Kaleb are holding their hands in a similar fashion.


You just described how I feel about shopping on every single day of the year, but even more frustrating that it was on Christmas Eve. I can so see the mosey. And the re-folding. Aargh!

You know what's weird? I have never, in the seven years I've had the opportunity, taken my kids to sit on Santa's lap...anywhere. Well...ward Christmas parties, but that's inevitable. I always see those lines, those faces, the tears and think, "Why?"

I'm glad you didn't miss it though. And it's such a beautiful picture.

chris jenkins

thanks for sharing such a great story -i know going through these moments we don't think they are funny at all but i think looking back we can find them somewhat amusing :)

so glad to hear you made it! and i think that picture is awesome :)

Jenna Smith

:) You are wonderful & real -- LOVE IT!

wendy sue

I love this - I only wish I had the courage to act in a similar fashion...instead I am a REAL jerk...to my husband and/or kids AFTER I leave the store...after saying NOTHING to the pokey little salesgirl. Yeah, I know, I'm the real jerk.


I love this, and feel so compelled to write my own stories of going mad like that. Thanks for sharing it!!


Love the post! I laughed thinking of the many times I run into that here in the northeast. People can be so self-important. However, when I need things taken care of, out comes the big gun, my mil. She can get amazing results with the most awful people. She's getting my van repainted under warranty. Yahoo! Great picture, beautiful children.

Sophia C.

Amy, I laughed out loud as I read this... the whole way through. I could feel the blood pressure rising. You crack me up, dear! Completely. This is SO not you, so that alone is telling! Did Jake like the robe? The kids look adorable. I can't wait to see Kaleb again because he is so BIG!!!! Love you!

Love, me

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