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Friday, January 04, 2008



As always, I loved this entry. I'm glad you're back to blogging. We have very different lives, but I feel a connection to you. Although we are really different, we love a lot of the same things. I REALLY felt a connection when I read your "cinnamon rolls and breakfast casserole" line. That's what WE have for breakfast - I make them the night before and bake them Christmas morning. It used to be scones, then when I discovered the roll recipe, it became rolls. But my son loves the breakfast casserole, so I make it too.


Amy.......so happy to read your new entry! Been missing you, love all your ideas, will try to use some of them! Love all your Christmas memories......would love to hear the Nordstrom story, lol.......this is Amy??? I said to myself, but that happens to all of us at some point!! I was so good about shopping early enough (but not having it all done in November like some people I know!!) and just finishing....really dislike all the crowds around Christmas! Happy New Year to you and your family.....love Kas

dana burton

Hooray! You are back! I enjoy reading your blog entries and depend on them for "things to ponder" or "sparks." Happy New Year, Amy.


Hi Amy,

So glad to see you are back - I check your blog often and alway miss you when you are gone. Loved hearing about your Christmas. Happy New Year!


I'm glad I discovered your blog. I really like it. And guess what, I have a Canon digital rebel, and didn't know what the * button was for - but after your mentioning it, I looked it up in my manual. Thanks!


I've loved reading the tender moments that you had with your family during the holidays. Those sweet memories are what helps us to hold on during the storm. I've loved all your Christmas posts!

So, have you ever shared your favorite poet?

chris jenkins

i love your posts with all the interesting questions and i love the way you write - i hope one day to be a better writer!

i really would love to see the quilts when they are finished! i wish i knew how to quilt. it is the one thing i wish i knew how to do. i can't even make a rag quilt!

happy new year to you :)

Sophia C.

Amy, I'm so glad that you shared these tender memories. I could see your kids opening the gifts and mostly, could see you and Haley enjoying Christmas Eve together. That is, indeed, a memory to cherish! As always, love you big!



I want to hear the Nordstrom story, too. Sometimes it's like that, isn't it? I hope the funkies go away soon. Another dear friend was saying the same thing just yesterday, about the post Christmas funk. I love the questions you asked, too . . . as always!

p.s.--I love playmobile!

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