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Friday, April 04, 2008



WOW!! I often remember the times being in Young Women and feeling so secure and guided by the wonderful leaders and friends that I had. Yet, I still chose a darker path for awhile, but those experiences and teachings and the love that was shared stayed with me, helped me see the consequences of my behavior and led me to a more sunny path. I hope you can take this and know that you do have such an influence on those girls, that they can feel how you care and hopefully, they too will remember your words and teachings when they need to make decisions in their lives. Haley is blessed to have you as a mother as are your sons. Adolesence is so difficult, as I have a son who is 12, soon 13, and I pray that he "listens" to me. I think he is now, let's pray he continues as his life gets more complicated. Thoughts and prayers,Valerie


You know you might not be able to keep them all on the path, but just might be able to plant some seeds so that some of them will return.


Your daughter is so lucky to have you there with her. My mother was YW president while I was a laurel a few years ago and we are so much closer because of that. Like Maureen said, you can’t keep them all on that path, they’re young and they love to use that agency they’ve been given. :) If my mom had read this I think she’d tell you this; For those who seem to not be listening to your guidance, just love them. If they know that you love them, that you care and are interested in their lives, it’ll make all the difference…even with those Mia Maids ;). They may not stay completely out of trouble, but you’ll notice they’ll keep coming to YW. And if they keep coming eventually something is going to sink in and you’ll see a change.

It's true too. I know because that's how my leaders were with me and it made a HUGE difference for me during those rough years. You're YW are lucky to have you.


Great camera story! I appreciate what you aid here, Amy. Good stuff. My brain is too tired to write more, but I liked this very much.

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