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Monday, April 28, 2008



(Trying really hard to be supportive younger sister assuring older sister she did great in her interview that she thinks she botched)

I'm still hoping it comes through for you. It probably went better than you think. Really. I bet they could see that a lot of it was nerves.

I still think you're great.


I'm sure you did fine - isn't looking things up the key to being a librarian?

We have a comic similar to that on our fridge - "Will recite killer discertation on Chaucer for food"


Um, that's dissertation. Gah!


I had to take a proofreading test for an internship I really wanted.

I was guessing the whole time. And I'm pretty sure I guessed wrong, because I didn't get the internship.

But it's all right. Things work out somehow.


Could you just link them to your blog?

You are truly the most literary friend I have.


I'm sorry it did not go very well. Chances are all of the other applicants were nervous also. Hope it all works out.


Yikes! Who knew, because if you felt unsmart, there is no hope for the rest of us. I hear what you mean about it seeming like a great job, but because you ARE smart (and I can tell), I have no doubt at all that you'll find something great. Maybe even this job:)


When I was a senior in high school I was asked the title of the last book I read when I interviewed to be a YMCA camp counselor. The answer was "everything you always wanted to know about sex but were too afraid to ask" and because I couldn't think of a lie I told the truth --- amazingly enough I got the job. You could get just as lucky.


Amy......first of all good luck!! and thanks for sharing! We all think those knuckleheads would be darn lucky to get you, that's all I can say. Seriously, sometimes they get a little ridiculous....here in Kamloops, employers are just sooo happy to get a decent employee who shows up for work on time and looking half presentable.
We will look forward to hearing how you do.....wouldn't that just be wonderful! I applied at our local library here a couple of times but they had already hired quite a few people...so no luck for me, good thing I didn't have to go through one of those interviews!
from Kasandra
PS....Amy, I have left a few other messages, but I jog my computer and then I totally lose the message!! Drives me crazy, I can't find it again, do you know if there's a way I can save it while I write?

Kayci Bitton

Good luck! I know it will all work out! (yeah I know I am your niece but I love you and really want and hope it all does work out!!) Right now I am taking a money management class, so I think a LOT about money so I can see how you're worried. I am too:) If you are interested I had to read this book called Rich on Any Income, it's great! I hope you have a great day! Love ya!


Hey, 'smart' is relative. The only person that could have answered those questions with actual facts would have been a former librarian ... or Ken Jennings. Mr. Jennings' talents were most lucrative for him in one type of scenario. Sometimes our passions don't seem to elicit worldly gain. Heck, I'm still waiting for the job that pays 100k to sit on my keister and watch Gilligan's Island reruns. That act has about as much societal value as professional football, correcto? As for the interview, maybe what they wanted was to see your reaction or how you would deal with not knowing exactly what to recommend. They certainly had to take into consideration that you'd never been a librarian before ... who knows?

Again, there is only so much that can be leveraged and the rest we have to submit to faith. That uncertainty is one of the most difficult things for me and is why I read the 'Cliff's Notes' version of books prior to actually opening them. People gasp at that, but it's how I do things. Those things that I can control, I do, simply because so little else is controllable.

Finally, sheesh ... we all know the English Geek is smart. That's not the point. If we look at our experience as never-ending, what might be a profitable 'long-term' passion to us and to those with whom we associate? Pro football? Gilligan's Island reruns? ... Literary knowledge? How much worth does that/will that have? Two-hundred years ago, the literary masters were the most respected people ... people with knowledge and the ability to share it. Today's most-respected is someone who can dunk a ball or someone who can cry for the camera on demand. What has the world become? Lesser? I think so. Whatever the case may be, I still argue that 'smart' is relative; and that time will not not only vindicate, it will elevate those that engage(d) in fruitful pursuits.

P.S. - Kassandra, write your messages in 'Notepad' or something else and then copy it into the white blog field after you're finished. Those things that you can control ...


Job interviews are horrible! Interviewing is really a skill and you have to practice, but who wants to go through that ordeal a bunch of times? I'm sure it went better than you think. I couldn't have even answered the question "who's your favorite essayist?" I would have come up with someone like Greg Atkinson (he's a chef and he writes about food...is that sort of an essayist?) and prayed there wasn't a follow-up question.

They would be so lucky to have you! Hang in there!

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