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Monday, June 02, 2008



I've never read this poem before and it just moves me to tears.


I wish I enjoyed poetry. I admire people who do, and seem to really get it. That poem took me forever to focus on and get through. But, with your help, I see its beauty. Unfortunately, I always need someone else's help!

Kind of morbid, but beautiful too:)

Denise Rose

I don't think you are morbid at all! I actually have a document with things I want done at my funeral. I added this poem today. I remember reading it before and loved it then. As I have aged, it means more to me now. I am more of an artist (visual) than a poet, but I think I do the same things as the person in the poem, so it applies to me too. I want those left behind when I go to be reminded of me in different ways and this is a beautiful way to describe someone...with the words of a great writer! Thanks for sharing!


Thomas Hardy is also one of my favorites. Have you read George Eliot? I do like some of her books, Middlemarch is one of my favorites from her. I used to read on my commute into Boston on the train or bus. Quite alot of reading can be done that way. You, again are an inspiration to get me to keep a regular journal.

Have a great June day!

Kayci Bitton

We thought it was a good poem! Jeff was reading your blog and we got to talking about how great you are at writing! I told him that's why I started a blog...I don't even know how I found yours in the first place...=) We love to read your blog! Oh and I didn't know if you had my e-mail address to send me those instructions for the quilt. If you don't let me know I will give it to you! Thanks again! Love ya!


Amy - Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I remember the first time I read "Tess of the D'Urb.." That is a wonderful novel, and I love Hardy, too, although I probably haven't read as much Hardy as I should have. Loved the poem you shared.

O.K., don't feel badly about not writing as much. Here I am trying to find time to catch up with all the blogs I have been missing. We were without AOL for a time (had to go in through the back door and I didn't remember lots of my favorited sites), then had a huge storm and lost all internet access.


Amy, had I heard that poem before now, I would have been thinking the same thing. That is a lovely poem and I very much relate to what you wrote.

Oh, I also just skimmed your last entry--I'm so behind on blogging. Best wishes with your family things going on. That's tough stuff.

Love you!


What a wonderful poem - I understand why you would choose it. No, it's not morbid at all. I think that maybe the medium that speaks to me most is music (with the written word a close second), and I've chosen the music for my funeral and the poems "Do not weep" by Mary Frye and "To Have Succeeded" by Emerson. That second one really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and that lovely poem.

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