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Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Yay! I'm glad everything went so well. Thanks for keeping us posted. I know you have people to call, so don't call me til you've let everyone else know who needs to know.

Give Kendell my best!

chris jenkins

glad to hear all went well. my prayers and thoughts are with ya for a quick recovery :)


Great to hear he's doing well! I'm a student of last year's Write Now. It's been awhile since I traveled your way but am very glad I did today for many reasons.

After taking Stacy's Library of Memories class this year, many students from there still chat via a yahoo group and your class came up. Many of us eagerly recommended it to any that hadn't taken it yet! I certainly sang your praises - and reminded myself I need to dig my notes out and refresh/review some lessons. I'm also very glad that with the new group of students you're posting some "challenges" on your blog - even I can play along! Thanks for the inspiration - and kick in the behind.

Mostly, I'm writing as a physical therapist that's worked in hospitals for 19 yrs now. If you have any questions I can help with, I'm certain you can trace the e-mail of this message to reach me. I'm more than happy to assist with any questions, altho' I'm certain you'll find an excellent team of therapists at your hospital. What may have seemed the worst part (surgery) is over. What many never quite prepare for is about to begin. There will be pain, especially with 2 done at once. But it's a different pain than he's had. As he's been living with pain for a long time, this phase may actually pass fairly quickly for all of you. But it will still hurt in the recovery and in the movement. They'll typically start walking with a walker, progressing quickly to crutches if he prefers. A walker just gives an extra measure of stability (4 legs beat 2 any day) and takes more pressure/pain off the hips as they heal. Walking will likely be much easier than getting in and out of bed - the worst/most painful and difficult thing he'll need to do. You can certainly work with the staff to coordinate your schedule of when you'll be there so you can learn ways you can help him move and make the transition home easier. Scheduling will likely be necessary for you as you coordinate your time with the kids as well.

Anyhow, enough out of me. I'm not even family and I'm rambling as if we're old friends. But seriously, if a "friend" is needed that may offer insights into the world of the hospital (always scary when you're not wearing the labcoat as an employee) or how to make the movement or move home easier, I'll be happily available for you.

Thanks for the writing lessons and inspiration!


Whew! Thanks be to God. Prayers continue.

Sheri Franklin

Glad to read that the surgery is over. now for a speedy recovery. Prayers


So glad to hear that Kendall's surgery went well. Prayers will go up.

Just so you know--Your blog has meant a great deal to me over this past year. When I read it, I feel as if I have found a "kindred spirit" in many ways--struggling with motherhood and career (I am a full-time English teacher), with finding my "voice" and sometimes even my identity--something that sounds strange coming from a 50-year-old wife and mother! But as my children get older (19 and 15), my roles change.

But I'm rambling now. Take care of yourself in these post-surgery days. Keep writing, too.


"heavily developed muscles."

I think that statement alone will get him (and his ego) through recovery...;)
Here's hoping it's a quick one!


I hope my comment "takes" (I have an account with a different site) -- I'm so glad that Kendall's surgery went well. You've both been in my prayers!

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