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Sunday, November 09, 2008




And I'm so impressed, Amy! I am not a runner, but think highly of those that are.


Oh wow, that toe looks really bad. How did you run on that. That hurts looking at it. As I was reading your blog about this race I wanted to be right along side you. I've got to get back into running. I see people running outside and want to be with them. I think I really enjoy the quiet and feeling the clean fresh air and that time to think about anything. I have got to get back into it somehow. I'm glad it went really well for you. You are my inspiration. Great job!

chris jenkins

you are amazing and did an awesome job with the race! very inspiring to have read about your training and now with the culmination with the race.

take it easy and nurse your toe - you've earned a minute or two to kick back after a job well done!


I've been looking forward to reading your thoughts on the race. I love it that we can all run the same race, but have our own goals, and favorite or least favorite parts of the course. I had a great time. (Except for the soreness that no amount of advil will take away!) Take it easy on that toe. That is the biggest toe blister I have ever seen!

Wendy West

Congratulations! You are awesome.


Yay! You did it, and your time was AWESOME.

Now I get to say I TOLD YOU SO. Ah, I feels good. But it feels even better to know you had a great race and that you were doing what you were supposed to be doing.

(doing the happy dance for you!!)


That looks painful! I'm glad it's a good glow.

Kayci Bitton

Ouch! I HATE blisters! I am so glad you got your high while you ran though! It sounds like you fully enjoyed yourself! I can't wait to start working out again...only a few more weeks right!? I am going to be induced this Thursday if I don't go by myself before that, which I am pretty sure wont happen. Anyway good job on the run! I hope your toe feels better soon!!
p.s. did you get the message about our pictures being ready to pick up at Costco?


So, so, so proud of you!!! You are amazing!!! I admire you for having a thought, making it a goal, and then achieving it!!


Awesome, good job, Amy!



... and ouch!!!

jamie `

I loved hearing about the race. I'm glad you had a good experience. You'll probably roll your eyes but you ARE inspiring the way you go forward to grab what you need from life. I would like to be more like that. Sometimes I think I'm afraid to try for fear I'll fail. It's easier to only do the things that come easy but not as fulfilling or inspiring, I think.


Congratulations! It sounds hard but strangely fun too. You are powerful.


Sehr wertvolle Informationen! Empfehlen!

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