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Monday, December 01, 2008



I think your weekend sounds great. I'm jealous about your dinner with Dad & Mont. I understand why you would have been a little nervous - it's still so weird to be with him there.

That picture of Haley is so beautiful! She is a great girl, your daughter.


That is so great that you have a special night with your kids. When I take one child at a time, they talk and talk and I get to listen and enjoy just them. It's fun to do that and we both will remember that forever. That's great you got to be able to see your dad feeling and to spend time with him. That's a great picture of Haley and her Grandpa. Tell Haley she can make rolls for me any time. That is funny about Kaleb and the "bleeding love" He is so cute. Cheese on apple pie. What? I've never heard of that. Is it good? It sounds wierd, but sometimes weird things are good, like french fries and ice cream. I will have to try it. What kind of cheese?

Kayci Bitton

Sounds like a successful week! I absolutely LOVE the pictures you posted and especially love your hair!! Way cute!


I am glad you put all of those little stories on here. I can relate to almost all of them. Thank you!


Good job on the stories, so meaningful. I love reading your blog. I love your haircut. Look forward to your class this week.

Aprilyn Bucklein

What a great holiday! I'm glad you got to go see your Dad and the bonus..your Uncle!

jamie `

I don't even know where to start commenting.
golden corral: Can relate. It's definitely at the top of our kid list and honestly when I'm with them I'd rather be at a place like Golden corral because if we eat at a normal restaurant there's always someone sitting there staring sadly at their "bad dinner choice" and I sit there feeling responsible for their bad dinner choice. You can tell me it's not my fault all you want but I still feel responsible and it ruins my night. I want to fix everything. why is that?
*great hair.
*Haley looks so grown up in that picture.
*Jake told me about the 2nd thanksgiving today at school. He was so cute. It's rare he's not smiling. I love that about him.
*not sure where you're camped but I'm a flour girl myself. My gravy was the best ever this year. I put a spice rub on the turkey and celery, onion and an orange in the cavity. I never thought of pureeing the vegies cooked with it. I'll have to try that.
*loved hearing about your week.
*congrats on that orange dress you hot mama you!

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