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Thursday, February 19, 2009



I have temper issues too. I can still see the looks on my kids faces when I dumped the whole silverware drawer on the floor for effect. (it was quite loud) frightened, shocked and even one trying to supress a giggle at my juvenile response..good thing she kept it in or I would have lost it all over agaiin.. yeah.... not my proudest moment.

I think for me it happens most when I'm over tired, over stimulated (as in juice, water, juice water combo IN THE RED CUP) or I've allowed myself to get my feelings hurt by something they've done instead of looking at it logically.

Hang in there and bring me a muffin. :) I'll help you so you don't eat them all. In the name of friendship you understand....

chris jenkins

hang in there. we have all been there. we are only human and we only have the capacity to deal with so much sometimes. i've lost it plenty, especially when i am overworked and tired.

the good days of mothering far outweigh these occasional hard ones - i promise.


This is such an honest post, thank you for sharing this.

I think you shall reward yourself with a muffin or seven.



I've been there too. Don't beat yourself up over it. I've lost my temper one too many times and felt incredibly guilty about it. I've apologized, made chocolate chip cookies, read extra books at bedtime to make up for my outburst but it doesn't erase the look on their faces. But I think it also helps them realize that their mom is human too and just as they get upset, so can moms.


Oh, the temper. I have it. I know I have it. And I have such a hard time containing it. I hate that I feel like I'm always THAT mom, the one who sounds so mean in the grocery store or Walmart or whatever.

So don't be too hard on yourself. Just that you try is awesome, and sometimes, they just don't do much to help. You know, like my kids right now who I've told a gazillion times to stop running and being wild and talking about farting.

Yep. I'm there with you. Hugs.


Great honesty. We've all been there more than anyone of us would like to admit. The extra hugs, books, etc do help make it better. Being a mom is hard, but what our children give us is so much more.

Have a better day.


I'm sorry you feel bad! I don't think losing your temper makes you a bad mom. Losing your temper and going after said kids with a steak knife would make you a bad mom. Since you didn't do that, you should get some sort of commendation. Mom's are human too and I think helping kids realize that they are not the only people on the planet and that their actions can influence events is a valuable lesson. Hang in there!


You hit close to home with this one. My husband is at work all day and school all night, so by the time 7:00 hits, I'm a ticking time bomb.


You are very hard on yourself. Are you striving to be the perfect mother? There isn't anyone who is perfect and it is important for our children to realise that mum can lose her temper - else when they are a parent they will feel a complete failure if they ever do so. I know my Mum lost it (I can remember a few of the times quite vividly), and yet I don't think of her as anything but a 'good mother' who instilled in me all the things I needed to know to get through life, and to undertake parenting myself. Strive to be "good enough", not to be perfect!


Everyone loses it. That doesn't make you a bad mother. In fact, I'm with Chris - the number of times you lose it is probably a tiny fraction of the times you've gotten it so very right. If you can remember it's the ratio that's important, not the one time you yelled recently, maybe that will help.


This post saddens me as I have NEVER raised my voice towards MY children...

Oh Amy, I say if you are not loud enough that the neighbors complain, then you are fine. :)

We all have those days.
I have been having a lot, actually.
This weather!
It's not helping.

I think we will all be in better spirits and have so much more patience when the crocuses emerge.


I have the same sorts of temper problems and I'm so worried about how it will affect my ability to be a good mother. Deep breaths necessary even to think about it now in the abstract!

Jana D

Don't beat yourself up. It's a learning experience for us too. Being a mom that is. We are human. Which helps us with the compassion part. Sometimes we do lose it, but it helps the child to learn when to back off a bit. Not just with you, but in the future. Say in a work environment.
Keep up the good work.


What?... you bake for your kids? Oh, I am such a horrible mother! On school days my kidlets get cold cereal and they have to make it themselves. I might pour the milk but not for their benefit (mine, so they don't spill and leave a mess for me).

I love your honesty! But honestly, I wish I was more like you.


Hi. If it worries you, it means you're a good mother.
Try to take some rest.

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