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Wednesday, February 04, 2009



You sound like my husband. Last year, I went to see U23D and loved it. I have never been to a concert but all four of my sisters are U2 fanatics. Not an understatment. Like, each time they tour, they see the concert 3 times. They travel. They buy ridiculous expensive tickets. They subscribe to their fan email to get advance notice of things. their ringtones are u2. You get the idea.

Anyways, I couldn't convince Jay to see it because they haven't come out with anything good since Rattle and Hum, according to him. I have to say Discopop and Zooroopa weren't their best, but How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb and whatever their last album was are really good. I love their sound and love that they aren't afraid to try something new. Too many bands never do. Jay's favorite singer, Bob Dylan, certain tried new things. He went through a really awful gospel phase.

I do understand the power of music. I can't listen to songs I loved in college because it takes me to a place where I don't want to be anymore. Even though I loved the songs, the feelings I felt when I listened to them then come storming back. It's bizarre. I don't think music affects everyone that way but it does me. So there are hundreds of songs from about 1994 - 1996 that I can't listen to.

Fun post. I'm glad you published it. Go see the 3D movie. It's like going to a concert only cheaper:)


I'm a big fan, saw them a bunch of times back in the day, I love their older stuff, even older than you, I am a first three albums girl, October, I Will Follow, Shadows and Tall Trees. I saw them a bunch of times when War came out, and don't know if I would recognize anything after Rattle and Hum. I remember my first concert in 84, not a night club but not an arena, a theater. I think it was the best night of my high school life.


We saw them on their last tour, and it was amazing.

The last album (they have one dropping next month) is amazing. They really gathered back their awesomeness.

I'd recommend seeing them.


I saw them on their Zooropa tour; from what I remember, there were very few songs they didn't play that I wanted them too. I even enjoyed Bullet the Blue Sky, normally a song that I don't like. But I would totally go and see them because I think they know how powerful those early albums were and still are to their fan base.

My faves:
Running to stand still ("She moves through the streets with eyes painted red, under the black belly of clouds in the rain.")

Whose gonna ride your wild horses ("who's going to taste your salt water kisses? Who's going to take the place of me?")

So cruel ("I gave you everything you ever wanted; it wasn't what you wanted.")

Mothers of the Disappeared

Bad (live version kicks a**) (sorry, don't want to use real profanity on your blog)

I could go on and on. But I'm glad you posted this, because I know what you mean. The new song from them was so different, and I haven't decided whether I like it or not. But, yeah. If $ wasn't an option, I would totally see U2.


I didn't put down my favorite song! I like most, love a lot but if forced to listen to just one on a desert Island, I'd choose, All I Want Is You. Makes me swoon!

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